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Data Catalogue

Magnetometer Data: Logfiles, Formats and Examples

This set of magnetometer data is in raw (unprocessed) form and is provided in a separate directory for each station along with the associated station logfile, stn.log.

For information relating to the filename and data formats, see Data Formats (or PDF) and Station Parameters (or PDF).

Examples of geomagnetic field data for both quiet and active days as well as examples of spurious data that may be encountered within this data set can be found in Data Examples.

The data is made available for public use without any guarantee as to its quality or completeness.

In addition to the data provided here, SWS holds a number of additional datasets that may be made available upon request.

SWS welcomes any inquiries about its data holdings. Please use the to contact the WDC Manager if you have any queries or suggestions.

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