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Data Display and Download


Culgoora and Learmonth spectrograph data and images are available on this page. Please select the year and month and click the Display Data button. A page displaying spectrograph thumbnail images for every day of the month should appear. Clicking on a thumbnail will produce a full spectrograph image. Clicking on the Date link above a thumbnail will fetch the raw spectrograph datafile (approx 30 Mb). The spectrograph data format can be found in the Data Formats page.

Before proceeding, you can check the Spectrograph data availability.

For information about log format and event classification please see the following documents.

Your current selection is shown in the You Have Selected column below.

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   Event Summary for the Selected Month:

    Station: Learmonth
    Year: 2024
    Month: 07

  This month event log is not available yet.

See also:

  • software for viewing raw spectrograph data
  • additional documentaton on the Culgoora and Learmonth radio spectrographs

Please note that the images displayed represent undersampled data and may hide small events. For full resolution, the dayfile should be downloaded and viewed using appropriate software (see above).

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