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Ionospheric Monthly Medians Autoscaled: foF2

This page only contains foF2 monthly medians obtained from autoscaled hourly ionospheric data. That is, these medians are most likely based on hourly data that is automatically scaled. These medians are used in the computation of the T index, particularly for more recent months where there are no manual scaled medians available. Please first try to use medians data in the Ionospheric Medians page up to 2014. If what you need is not available on that page, you may try medians data available in this page.

Select a Station, Year and Month, and then Click 'Plot" or "Plot the Station" button to display autoscaled ionospheric monthly medians data for Australian stations. Click 'View Data' button to view the WHOLE station data file. The ionospheric median data format can be found in the Data Formats page.

Here, the Max is the maximum value of the month. The Average is the average value of the month. The Min is the minimum value of the month. The Sunspot is the smoothed sunspot number of the month.

1. Select a Station

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Median: foF2
Station: Brisbane
Month: 04/2024

To plot the station data and Sunspot Number:

This page contains links to Australasian and Antarctic foF2 monthly medians obtained from automatically scaled hourly ionograms. The accuracy of automatically scaled foF2 data may be poor at times, particularly during disturbed ionospheric conditions.

The BOM SWS ceased manual scaling of ionograms in 2014 although cessation occurred earlier at some stations. foF2 monthly medians derived from manually scaled ionograms may be accessed from the Ionospheric Monthly Medians page.

The availability of automatically scaled foF2 monthly medians data for Australasian and Antarctic stations can be checked here.

A description of the automatically scaled monthly medians format is located here.

The ASWFC Ionogram Viewer can be used to manually scale ionograms.

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