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This page provides the Geoscience Australia scanned Mundaring ionospheric data and Gnangara magnetograms data between 1963-09 and 1978-01, and other stations magnetograms data between 1979 and 1988.

Data Files

Scanned Mundaring ionospheric data and Gnangara magnetograms data

The scanned Mundaring ionospheric and magnetograms data file is about 640GB. The Mundaring ionospheric data have been available in the WDC Ionospheric page. The disk that contains all the scanned data from microfilms is archived in the SWS WDC store room. If you are interested in Gnangara or other stations magnetograms data, please check GA scanned data list first, which lists all availablle stations, year-month and datasets. And then contact us via

If you use this data in a research paper, please acknowledge Geoscience Australia. Here is an example.

"Geomagnetic (and seismic) data from observatories at Gnangara, Toolangi, Mawson and Macquarie Island collected by Commonwealth Government, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics, now known as Geoscience Australia. Geomagnetic (, seismic) and ionospheric data scanned from microfilm by Geoscience Australia in 2020 (Contact: ,”

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