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Magnetometer Data

As annotated in the table below, data from Australian magnetometer stations is provided in cooperation with the following organisations.

Station Start End Magnetometer Type Sample Frequency Station Logfile
Canberra (ICSWSE/BOM) 17/04/1997 present Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Casey (AAD) 16/08/2000 01/01/2010 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Casey (UoN/AAD) 16/08/2000 01/01/2020 Induction 2Hz logfile
Culgoora (BOM) 18/09/2003 29/08/2019 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Darwin (BOM) 30/08/2000 present Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Davis (AAD/ICSWSE) 06/12/1999 04/03/2009 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Davis (UoN/AAD) 20/08/2000 01/01/2020 Induction 2Hz logfile
Hobart (BOM) 28/10/1998 present Fluxgate 1Hz/5Hz logfile
Launceston (BOM/UoN) 13/06/2013 17/10/2019 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Learmonth (ICSWSE/BOM) 01/03/1995 11/07/2017 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Learmonth (BOM) 02/08/2023 present Fluxgate 5Hz logfile
Macquarie Is (UoN/AAD) 15/08/2000 02/01/2020 Induction 2Hz logfile
Mawson (UoN/AAD) 18/08/2000 01/01/2020 Induction 2Hz logfile
Norfolk Island (BOM) 03/03/2010 13/12/2017 Fluxgate 1Hz logfile
Townsville (BOM) 15/10/1998 present Fluxgate 1Hz/5Hz logfile


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