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Data Catalogue

Solar Data

Type of Data Dates Media File Size Location Comments
Culgoora Solar images: H-alpha & off band 1984 - 10/1991 film moderate Culgoora Expensive to copy large amounts, Routine 1 min samples. Stored at Culgoora.
Culgoora solar images - H-alpha 01/2003‑12/02/2014 digital zip file 2-11MB/day Website Data download
Culgoora solar images - white light 12/2004‑15/12/2013 digital zip file ~1MB/day Website Data download
Learmonth solar radio fluxes 1982-present tape, digital large Website Data being transferred from tape to CD-ROM 1 sec and 1 sfu resolution
Learmonth H Alpha solar images 2004, 2008 ‑ 2009 digital large Sydney Data being transferred from Learmonth to Sydney as real tiem images and then be archived.
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