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SWS provides support for a wide range of systems and technologies affected by space weather. These include:

  • HF radio systems, such as communications and surveillance systems
  • Geophysical exploration, power systems protection and the cathodic protection of long distance pipelines
  • Satellite and spacecraft operations

By using SWS products and services, customers can best manage the effects of space weather on their systems. For example, HF systems operators can determine in advance the frequencies most appropriate for their needs, while aero-magnetic surveyors can schedule their surveys for the most favourable geomagnetic conditions.

As you can see, information on a range of SWS products and services is available through the links on the left-hand side of this page. To help you determine which of these products and services will be most beneficial for you, please refer to the following Customer guide:

Customer area Activity SWS products and services
HF radio systems Operations Software, Training, Email and SMS subscriptions
HF radio systems Engineering and Design Software, Training, Consultancy
Geophysical Aeromagnetic Surveying Email and SMS subscriptions
Geophysical Cathodic Protection Email and SMS subscriptions
Geophysical Power Systems Protection Email and SMS subscriptions
Satellite Operations Email subscriptions

Archived reports are available from the mailing list section.

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