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Ionospheric Autoscaled

This page contains autoscaled hourly and 5 minutes ionospheric data after 2014. Only hourly foF2 data are manually checked. For manually scaled hourly ionospheric data before 2014, please visit Ionospheric page.

Before going further, You may check the Autoscaled Ionospheric Data Availability first by clicking the link Data Availability. Warning: It will take a few seconds to list all available stations/years.. The automatically scaled ionospheric data format can be found in the Data Formats page.

Select a Station, Year, Month and day, and then parameter(s) and data range, hourly or 5 minutes scale. Click the 'Plot" button to display scaled data and Line Graph. Click "View Auto Data" button to view the WHOLE day data.

|Select a Station

|Select a Year  

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|Select at least one parameter

Valid foF2 data:
Auto scaled data:


MUF = MUF(3000)F2.

After at least one parameter is selected, you can plot hourly and/or 5 minutes data. If you only select foF2, you can plot valid and/or autoscaled hourly data.

Here only provides automatically scaled ionospheric data and some partly validated (manually checked) hourly data observed in Australasia area.

If you need recent data, please use the to contact the ASWFC WDC.

The data format can be found from Autoscaled Ionospheric Data Format. You can plot hourly data and 5 minutes grade scaled parameter values. If you want, you can manually scale ionograms with ASWFC Ionogram Viewer online.

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