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Section Information

WDC Help Page

The World Data Centre section provides software and data catalogue information and data produced by the Bureau of Meteorology - Space Weather Services (SWS) over the past few past decades. You can download data files, plot graphs from data files, check data availability, retrieve data sets and station information. Other space related agencies are listed on the WDC Links page.

To download data files, either:

  • use Data Download to browse and download Ionospheric, Geophysical, Solar and GPS data via https
  • use the other links under the Data Display and Download menu on the left to select a data file, plot and print a graph, or download the file

To download software:

  • see the Software Tools section of the Data Download page for Ionospheric and Solar viewers

See also:

  • Data Formats for information on data formats
  • SWS Stations for an SWS station map and details of the ionosonde network
  • the links under the Data Catalogue menu on the left for an overview of the available data
  • WDC Links for more information about the World Data System and other space weather agencies
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