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Data Display and Download


FEDSAT satellite data are currently archived in the WDC. Various data products and documentation from the satellite may be viewed here in summary plot format and processed data files requested for download. For further information on the FEDSAT satellite, data access, data format and conditions of use, please see FEDSAT Information.

To determine the availability of data for a particular date, please see FEDSAT Data Availability.

To view online summary plots of FEDSAT data, use the options below to select a Payload or Data Product, Year, Month, Day and multi-select Components. Then click 'Plot Graph' to display the data.

Note: WDC online summary plots of FEDSAT data are unchecked, degraded-resolution summary plots not suitable for publication.

To request a period of FEDSAT data, please use the and include a short summary of your proposed research project and the payload, data product and period of interest. Your request will be passed on to the Principal Investigator for the payload.

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  Payload: Newmag Magnetometer
  Date: 03/01/2005

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