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FEDSAT Data Policy

FedSat Satellite Mission - NewMag Magnetometer "Rules-of-the-Road"

FedSat/NewMag data are freely available for non-commercial, scientific use subject to the following :rules of the road":

  1. The basic reference to the FedSat mission and the NewMag instrument is: B.J.Fraser, The FedSat Microsatellite Mission, Space Sci. Rev., 107, 303-306, 2003.
  2. Quick-look or browse products are not intended for scientific analysis or publication and should not be used for such purposes without the consent of the NewMag team.
  3. Please inform the NewMag team of any publications and conference presentations that make use of NewMag data.
  4. If the NewMag data can be used in the detailed analysis of an event, a suitable member of the NewMag team should be invited at an early and appropriate time to participate in the analysis. Co-authorship of any subsequent publication or presentation should be discussed.
  5. All publications should carry the acknowledgement "FedSat/NewMag data was provided by the NewMag team at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and was funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems through the Commonwealth of Australia CRC Program."
  6. NewMag data users should consult with the PI to ensure that they are using the most recent available versions of the data and any analysis routines provided.
  7. Data users are not entitled to distribute data to third parties outside their own research teams without permission from the NewMag team. The rules of the road apply to any subsequent users of the data.
  8. By requesting data, the user agrees to abide by the above conditions of use for NewMag data.

Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems (CRCSS), November 2005.

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