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Magnetometer Data Format


This set of magnetometer data is in raw or unprocessed form and is provided in separate directories for each station along with the associated station logfile, stn.log. The data is made available for public use without any guaranty as to its quality or completeness.

In addition to the data provided here ASWFC holds a number of additional datasets that may be made avaiable upon request.

Data File Format

Following is the information relating to the filename and data formats. See also examples of geomagnetic field data for both quiet and active days and of spurious data that may be encountered.

The filenames containing the raw or unprocessed magnetometer data have the form:



  • m = letter "m"
  • l = an identifier letter for internal use within ASWFC with definitions given in Station Parameters.
  • YY = 2 digit year
  • MM = 2 digit month
  • DD = 2 digit day
  • stn = three letter station abbreviation code

Data is written to files in the following format. The first line is a header defined in Station Parameters that provides limited information relating to the field station and equipment used. The remaining lines of the file are the data records. Each record is of the form:

hh mm ss data1 data2 ... dataN


  • hh = the UT hour the measurement was taken
  • mm = the minute the measurement was taken
  • ss = the second the measurement was taken
  • data1 data2 ... dataN = the measurements in nano Teslas for the N geomagnetic field components as per the one-line header defined in Station Parameters
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