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Data Catalogue


Time used Source data period Source data media Source data location Published data period Published data media Published data location Comments
Time changed to UT at 2330/189 in 1986. Prior to that date all data on 150 EMT 10/12/82 - 6/10/95 16mm film SWS Sydney 1982 - 1998 Microfiche SWS Sydney Spares not available for all years

24/08/94 - 26/11/02 4d raw and clean digital SWS Sydney clean data from 04/08/96 to 26/11/02.
16/05/95 - 31/10/98 5c clean digital SWS Sydney Clean data only.
04/06/99 - 07/06/99 Cadi raw digital SWS Sydney Only 4 days and only raw data.
30/06/99 - present 5d raw and clean digital SWS Sydney active ionosonde.
10/12/82 - Digital data for all scaled parameters. SWS Sydney Scaled data available until about one year ago.

Keyed-in data

Data keyed-in by SWS, Sydney.

Source data period Available data
12/82 - 1984 Digital data for all scaled parameters
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