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Total Electron Content

TEC Disturbance Map

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The near-real-time ionospheric TEC (Total Electron Content) disturbance map (on right) is produced at ASWFC by removing a dynamically updated recent climatology map (centre) from the current TEC conditions (left). It is therefore representative of the deviation of current ionospheric conditions from those expected for the current time/day/season/solar cycle.

The disturbance map shows colour contours of TEC difference (dTEC) in units of TECU (1016 electrons/m 2).

The data on this map can be used to qualitatively determine whether the regional ionosphere is mildly enhanced (yellow), strongly enhanced (red), mildly depressed (green), strongly depressed (blue), or near expected monthly values (white) in the Australasian region.

To quantitatively determine the effect of current ionospheric conditions on single frequency GPS positioning, please refer to the real time GPS L1 positioning error map.

Index plots

See also TEC disturbance index plots.

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