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HF Communications Warning


(last updated 30 Sep 2022 06:25 UT)

SUBJ: ASWFC PRELIMINARY HF RADIO COMMUNICATIONS WARNING 22/75 ISSUED AT 0030UT/30 SEPTEMBER 2022 BY THE AUSTRALIAN SPACE WEATHER FORECASTING CENTRE. ++ CORRECTION OF HF PRELIMINARY WARNING 74 +++ Degraded HF communication conditions are expected for middle to high latitudes (southern Australian region) during the interval 01-02 Oct. The degraded conditions are expected due to anticipated geomagnetic activity induced by a coronal hole high speed wind stream. An ASWFC HF MUF depression warning will follow this preliminary warning if ionospheric frequency depressions eventuate after local dawn during the disturbance period. Northern Australian region MUFs are expected to remain near predicted monthly values. DEGRADED HF PROPAGATION CONDITIONS EXPECTED FROM 01-02 OCTOBER 2022 IF COMMS DIFFICULTIES EXPERIENCED TRY A LOWER FREQUENCY BAND A MORE DETAILED HF WARNING WILL FOLLOW IF DEPRESSIONS EVENTUATE. _____________________________________________________________

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