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HF Fadeout Warning


(last updated 30 Sep 2022 06:20 UT)

SUBJ: ASWFC HF RADIO COMMUNICATIONS WARNING 22/76 ISSUED AT 0422UT/30 SEPTEMBER 2022 BY THE AUSTRALIAN SPACE WEATHER FORECASTING CENTRE. A previously flare active solar region is returning to the northeast solar limb and is rotating onto the solar disk. An M1 flare was just observed at 0402UT on 30-Sep. As the region has not rotated onto the disk flare probabilities cannot be estimated from magnetic complexity. However, current activity on the limb suggests that further flare events are possible. The returning region produced two R2 level events as it rotated off disk on its previous transit. DEGRADED HF PROPAGATION CONDITIONS EXPECTED FROM 30 SEPTEMBER 2022 TO 02 OCTOBER 2022 IF COMMS DIFFICULTIES EXPERIENCED TRY A HIGHER FREQUENCY BAND _____________________________________________________________ SOLAR ACTIVITY FORECAST HF COMMS FADEOUTS 30 Sep: R0-R1 Possible 01 Oct: R0-R1 Possible 02 Oct: R0-R1 Possible

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