FORECAST SOL: Moderate yellow MAG: Moderate yellow ION: Normal green
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Solar Conditions

Solar Flare Forecast

Updates: Hourly
Last update: 06:00 UT 30-Sep-2022

M (R1)
X (R3)
Latest forecast of solar X-ray flare probability over the next 24 hours.

Solar Flare Probabilities

Region ≥ M1 ≥ X1
full disk 5% <1%
3105 <1% <1%
3107 5% <1%
3110 1% <1%
3111 <1% <1%

Solar flare forecasts are also available through the WMO Information System (search for "solar flare"; requires registration).

See the Australian Space Weather Alert System (ASWAS) for a description of the R (radio blackout) scale.

For more information on the solar flare forecast please visit the Solar Help Page.

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