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Section Information

Mailman email interface

Mailman provides an email interface to allow subscribers to:

  • see a detailed description of the list
  • subscribe
  • unsubscribe
  • change your subscription preferences

List Aliases

Each list has additional aliases that provide extra functionality. They are:

  • ListName-join AT or ListName-subscribe AT
    Sending to this address will initiate a subscription. Subject and body are ignored, and a confirmation email will be sent to the sender address..
  • ListName-leave AT or ListName-unsubscribe AT
  • ListName-owner AT
    Used to contact the mailing list owner
  • ListName-request AT
    Allows a user to run commands via email. Commands can be in the subject or in the body of the email, one per line. Here are the commands you can send to -request
    Note: [value] indicates an optional entry
    • confirm confirmation_string
      This will be embeded in the confirmation email when you subscribe to a list. Usually a simple reply to the comfirmation email is sufficient to complete a subscription.
    • end
      Tells Mailman to cease processing commands within an email.
    • help
      Tells Mailman to send a copy of the help dialogue.
    • info
      Provide general information about the list.
    • set show
      returns your current settings.
    • subscribe [$<$PASSWORD$>$] [digest|nodigest] [address=$<$ADDRESS$>$]
      Subscribe to the list
    • unsubscribe [$<$PASSWORD$>$] [address=$<$ADDRESS$>$]
      Unsubscribe from the list Note: you will get a confirmation email with a URL to complete this action

List Names

Here are the names of each ASWFC mail list. Add -join, -leave, -request, -owner as needed.


  • ips-aurora-alert - Possibility of Auroral Event
  • ips-mag-alert - Magnetic Alert
  • ips-si-alert - Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse Detection
  • ips-flare-alert - Flare Alert
  • ips-swf-alert - Short-wave Fadeout Alert
  • ips-proton-alert - Proton Alert
  • ips-clg-radio-sweep-event - Radio Sweep events detected at Culgoora
  • ips-geostat-system - GEOmagnetic STorm Alert Tracking System
  • ips-sws-alert - Solar Wind Shock Alert
  • ips-swp-alert - Solar Wind geomagnetic activity precursor Alert
  • ips-fd-alert - Forbush Decrease Alert
  • ips-gle-alert - Ground Level Alert


  • ips-geo-warning - Geophysical Warning
  • ips-hf-warning - HF Warning

Daily Reports

  • ips-sf - Summary Forecast
  • ips-dhfpr - Daily HF Propagation Report
  • ips-dsgr - Daily Solar and Geophysical Report
  • ips-dhfpr-euro - Automated Daily European HF Propagation Report
  • ips-iflux-dailyvalues - Daily Quiet Sun Radio Fluxes from Learmonth

Weekly Reports

  • ips-wgr - Weekly Geophysical Report
  • ips-whfpr - Weekly HF Propagation Report
  • ips-wsgr - Weekly Solar and Geophysical Report

Monthly Reports

  • ips-ssn-predictions - Observed and Predicted Solar Indices
  • ips-tindex-predictions - ASWFC Observed and Predicted T Indices
  • ips-mpn - Monthly Prediction notification of update
  • ips-msgr - Monthly Solar and Geophysical Report (notification of updated PDF file)


  • ips-info - General information about ASWFC (includes software anouncements, new products and general interest)
  • ips-training - Scheduled HF radio propagation course dates
  • stsp - Australian Solar Terrestrial and Space Physics
  • inag-general - Ionosonde Network Advisory Group
  • ursi-commission-g - URSI Commission G Mailing List
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