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HF Radio Propagation Course

To increase the value of services to our customers, Space Weather Services (SWS) offers one day courses on HF radio propagation. Courses can be tailored to suit the audience by emphasising topics of special interest. Participants receive the SWS HF Radio Propagation Course manual.

The HF Radio Propagation course consists of four sections:

  1. The ionosphere, its structure and its effect on HF radio propagation.
  2. HF radio propagation via the sky wave.
  3. Disturbances in the Sun-Earth environment and the effects on HF radio propagation.
  4. The SWS web site and predictions.

Further details on course content can be obtained by emailing SWS Training.

In general courses are delivered to organisations with a minimim of 5 attendees. Please contact us to discuss course delivery options and course costs.

HF Radio Propagation Material

If unable to attend a course, the HF Radio Propagation manual is available for purchase.

See also the Introduction to HF Radio Propagation (or PDF).

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