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ASAPS Course

Many people use ASAPS software but are not aware of all the software's capabilities. SWS offers customer specified training on ASAPS' capabilities and the interpretation of GRAFEX, Field Strength and Area predictions.

At the end of the training, a user should have an understanding of the prediction types and navigation within the software, as well as being able to interpret prediction results.

The ASAPS couse is typically provided to organisations that have already purchased ASAPS and require specific training for their personnel on selected features of ASAPS.

ASAPS courses are organised on request only. For more information, or, to organise an ASAPS course, please contact SWS Training.

Course content

Exercises and discussion may include the following topics:

  • Configuring ASAPS
  • Databases:
    • Antenna
    • Communication areas
    • Frequency set
    • Station configuration
    • Terminal
    • Circuit
    • T Index
  • GRAFEX predictions:
    • Producing GRAFEX
    • The formats
    • Interpretation
    • Recomputing
  • Field strength predictions:
    • Computing field strength predictions
    • Interpretation of the different formats
    • Recomputing
  • Area Predictions:
    • Producing area predictions
    • Interpretation
    • Recomputing

The course content is tailored to the customer's requirements. The length of the course will depend on those requirements and students' skill levels.

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