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Software Downloads

Installation files for recent versions of radio system prediction software are available here. To install a program, download and save the installation file. Next, right-mouse click the file and then run it as an Administrator. The InstallShield Wizard instructions are self-explanatory.

When the program is run for the first time, it will prompt the user to enter a valid software registration key. If no valid registration key is entered, the program will enter the demo mode with limited functionality.

When downloading and installing any of the following software products, the customer accepts the Copyright, including the disclaimer of liability.

Pre-release and, minor point releases will sometimes be made available for beta testing. Please test all versions prior to operational use. The Commonwealth of Australia accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of any of our products.

GWPS Downloads

GWPS provides detailed predictions of surface wave communication system performance in the medium frequency (300 kHz -3 MHz) and low HF (3-5 MHz) range.

GWPS is under continual development – see the history of released versions.

Platforms supported by GWPS are as follows:

WinXP Win7(x86) Win7(x64) Win8(x86) Win8(x64) Win10(x86) Win10(x64)
GWPS5.0(x64) yes yes yes
GWPS5.0(x86) yes yes yes yes yes yes
GWPS 4.2 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

In the above table, unstable indicates that software crashes are possible. Please report other bugs and installation problems to

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