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What is new in ASAPS 7.1

ASAPS 7.1 was compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10.

Some of the features found in earlier versions of ASAPS have been restored:

  • Base-to-base field strength predictions with multiple circuits
  • GRAFEX Frequency Plan and Graph
  • GRAFEX Frequency Set Selection
  • SNR Frequency Set Selection
  • GRAFEX Frequency Set Testing
  • SNR Frequency Set Testing

Other minor improvements:

  • When ASAPS7 is restarted it remembers the Tx and Rx antennas so they do not have to be reloaded.
  • The Antenna Dialogue now has a cancel button to undo any changes to the Tx or Rx antenna grids.
  • ASAPS2D antenna patterns are now imported with floating (real) frequency in MHz instead of integers.
  • Extra Barrett antenna files in IONCAP format included for importing into ASAPS7.1.
  • Prediction dialogues now include two Sun Spot Number (SSN) options, the older conversion method between SSN and T-index (SSN1) and the new Solar Influences Data Centre (SIDC) V2 method (SSN2).
  • Automatic T-index downloads from SWS web site via HTTP or HTTPS with secure sockets layer.
  • Passive FTP instead of active FTP used to download World_T_Index_Grid.dat to get through the Firewall.
  • The latitude and longitude of the base locations are updated automatically when the distance and bearing boxes are edited in the base-to-base prediction and circuit dialogues.
  • ASAPS 7.1 includes the same hot keys as ASAPS 6. This will accelerate the work flow of frequent users.
  • The configuration menu now has a switch to display the dusk/dawn terminator in the area prediction charts.
  • The International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) coefficients were updated from the 2015 model to the 2020 model.

ASAPS 7.1 includes other minor bug fixes and the user guide has been updated.

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