FORECAST SOL: Moderate yellow MAG: Normal green ION: Normal green
Space Weather Conditions
Summary Forecast
Thursday 01 June
last updated 31/2318 UT
Solar activity on UT day 01-Jun is expected to be at R1 level, with the chance of R2, due to a new currently flare active solar region that has recently rotated onto the solar disk. The solar wind speed is expected to be light to moderate, there is a weak 27 day recurrent elevated solar wind pattern for 02-Jun and 04-Jun. G0 geomagnetic conditions are expected, with a slight chance of an isolated G1 period. HF communications are expected to be normal to mildly degraded during local night hours. Maximum usable frequencies (MUFs) are expected to be near predicted values. Shortwave fadeouts are probable.
SDO solar image - 94 angstroms - Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.