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Daily HAP Charts

These are daily area predictions of HF communication frequencies for Airservices Australia issued at the start of each U.T. day (e.g., 10 am AEST in winter, and 11 am AEST in summer). The daily predictions are more reliable if they are issued at this time because it is crucial for the SWS duty forecaster to review any space weather disturbances which occurred the night before and check for any post dawn enhancements or depressions in ionospheric propagation support.

Please refer to the hourly HAP charts for a real-time "nowcast" of HF communication frequencies for the current hour.

Follow the steps below to obtain your daily HAP charts.

Step 1: Select a Location



PNG Domestic

PNG International

Step 2: Select a Universal Time (UT) Period

Step 3: Display HAP Chart or Clear selections

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