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Aurora Cameras

Aurora Images - Campania, Tasmania

New Camera - Under development

This is an example image (without an aurora) from the new aurora patrol camera located at Campania, Tasmania. This is a trial system, which is under development, and a live feed of the images from this camera will be made available to the public at a future date.

Aurora Colours

Faint red auroras (630.0 nm) are often apparent low on the southern horizon for Kp of 3 or more. Green auroras (557.7 nm) are often recorded low on the southern horizon for Kp of 4 or more. The human eye loses sensitivity to deep red light when dark adapted, so red auroras remain sub-visual unless they are very bright. The green auroras are often as bright as the Milky Way, and they are almost certainly visible to a well-trained observer from locations free of cloud and light pollution. Red auroras can extend toward zenith above Tasmania during the local midnight hours when Kp is 6 or more.

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