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INAG-79 (Current Issue) - 2021

Opening Comments

My thanks to past contributors. I also live in hope of future contributors.

If you have a note, article, interesting data sequence, peculiar ionogram, techniques, scaling problem, or any other item of possible interest to the ionosonde community, send it to me now so it can be added to the INAG Bulletin.

Kehe Wang
INAG Editor

INAG Newsletter

INAG-2021-01:GIRO Data Center is offline
INAG-2021-02:GIRO Operations Update
INAG-2021-03:GIRO Operations Update...
INAG-2021-04:GIRO Operations: web services to reopen soon...
INAG-2021-05:Saving SAO Explorer capability
INAG-2021-06:INAG Face to face meeting
INAG-2021-07:INAG Meeting Online
INAG-2021-08:SAO Explorer back online!
INAG 90th Anniversary (68 ionograms)
INAG-2021-09:INAG Meeting Link

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