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INAG is Working Group 1 of URSI Commission G and is responsible for:

  • collecting together information on the analysis of ionograms,
  • maintaining conventions for the reduction of ionograms,
  • providing a forum for people interested in obtaining reliable data from ionograms,
  • preserving the Global ionospheric climate record.

The INAG Bulletin is one of the more important outputs of INAG. This Web site has become an extension of the Bulletin. In addition, there are a number of other useful reference publications that are reproduced here for wider distribution.


Kehe Wang


For INAG-73 Web Bulletin 2012 and past issues,
Dr Phil Wilkinson also can be directly contacted:


INAG-82 Web Bulletin 2024 (Current Issue, created 12th April 2024)
INAG-81 Web Bulletin 2023
INAG-80 Web Bulletin 2022
INAG-79 Web Bulletin 2021
INAG-78 Web Bulletin 2020
INAG-77 Web Bulletin 2019
INAG-76 Web Bulletin 2018
INAG-75 Web Bulletin December 2017
INAG-74 Web Bulletin August 2017
INAG-73 Web Bulletin 2012
INAG Bulletin Archive (From INAG-01 1969)

UAG-104: Ionosondes and Ionosonde Networks (1993)
UAG-93: Ionogram Analysis with the Generalised Program POLAN (1985, include 1995 POLAN software)
UAG-50: High Latitude Supplement to the URSI Handbook of Ionogram Interpretation and Reduction (1975)
UAG-23A: URSI Handbook of Ionogram Interpretation and Reduction (1972)

Australian Ionogram Scaling Training Material (2007) (~1.2 MB)
Australian (IPS) Manual Ionogram Scaling Conventions (1996) (~480 kB)
Software for handling digital ionograms from an IPS-42 ionosonde (1994)
Japanese Scaling Manual Version 3 (1987) (4.4 MB)
Summary of URSI-STP Meeting on the Vertical Soundings Network (1969) (2.4 MB)