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What is new in ASAPS 5

  • ASAPS V5 is a 32-bit application, making it suitable for use on a wider range of Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • A geographical map of the world for use in generating predictions - terminals, circuits and areas of interest can now be selected quickly and easily via "point and click".
  • When running either Field Strength (Point to Point) or Area predictions:
    • The option of using an alternative, more complex, Polarisation Coupling Loss algorithm that includes the specification of the actual polarisations of the antennas.
    • The ability to select Prediction Confidence Levels for Signal-to-Noise Ratio predictions, eg lower decile, median or upper decile values, or anything in between.
  • Frequency Set Selection or Test, allowing you to predict the optimum frequency set for the HF circuits you operate, or to assess the suitability of your current frequency sets for those circuits.
  • Surface wave range contour maps for Area predictions.
  • An on-line Tutorial that guides the user through the key features of the program, and how to interpret the output formats.
  • A monthly reminder for the update of ionospheric T indices, with the ability to do this automatically via the web.
  • An option to customise the colour palette for easier interpretation of Area Prediction plots.
  • The ability to view multiple Area Predictions (0 - 3UT, 4 - 7UT, etc) on a single screen.
  • Colour plots of BUF Modes for Area Predictions.
  • Frequency sets may be entered in either MHz or KHz.
  • The ability to delete individual circuits from a prediction file or to delete the complete prediction file, together with all other output files that are linked to the deleted file.
  • The ability to specify the top margin when printing GRAFEX or Field Strength predictions.
  • Installation software available exclusively via CD format
  • Upgrades available from ASAPS V4. New registration details will be needed for Upgrades to ASAPS V5. (NOTE: ASAPS V4 GRAFEX Files can be displayed and "Recomputed" by ASAPS V5. However, ASAPS V5 cannot display ASAPS V4 Field Strength or Area Prediction Files because extra data is produced by the ASAPS V5 FPLOS Kernel for the Polarisation Coupling Loss and S/N Ratio confidence levels).
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