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SWS provides free online HF prediction tools created to meet the needs of government, industry and private customers. SWS also sells several stand-alone HF propagation prediction programs providing advanced capabilities helping customers design and operate HF communication systems. The propagation prediction program is the Ground Wave Prediction System (GWPS), which is a GUI-driven Windows-based application. Customers may also purchase a license to use the ASAPS Kernel. This software does not include a GUI. The customer designs a custom interface to the Kernel to produce HF prediction products meeting their particular operational requirements. Instructions on how to use the Kernel are provided. Finally, our highest level of service is the preparation of dedicated consultancy reports, typically evaluating station location and antenna options, and the resulting HF radio coverage. Paid consultancy work is usually treated as commercial-in-confidence.

SWS propagation prediction tools can be used to investigate how antenna design and HF propagation conditions affect the coverage of a region of interest. Our tools were not designed to evaluate the performance of electronic equipment. SWS does not provide a HF radio electronic or engineering service.

The following is a summary of our HF prediction products with examples of appropriate customers:

GWPS This program will be of most interest to HF operators working in defence and emergency services.
ASAPS Kernel This is an expensive product of most interest to government, defence and emergency services.
Consultancies This is our highest level Section 31 service of most interest to industry, defence and emergency services.

Further information about these products is provided under their individual web pages. Full versions of GWPS can be downloaded from our web site. The program will default to demo modes which expire after 7 days unless they are registered using a valid software license key.

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