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INAG-65 - 2004

Opening Comments

This is the third year of the Web Bulletin.

My thanks to past contributors. I also live in hope of future contributors. If you have a note, article, interesting data sequence, peculiar ionogram, techniques, scaling problem, or any other item of possible interest to the ionosonde community, send it to me now so it can be added to INAG Bulletin 65.

Phil Wilkinson
INAG Editor

Ionogram sequence observed by satellite radio sounding from below of the F-layer maximum

(Added 28 June 2004)
N. P. Danilkin and N.G.Kotonaeva
Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics, Moscow, Russia (file size 155 kB)

Ionospheric Observatory Development At Mario Zucchelli Station

(Added 4 August 2004)
Vincenzo Romano, Enrico Zuccheretti, Giorgiana De Franceschi, Michael Pezzopane, Lucilla Alfonsi, Giuseppe Tutone, and Fawzi Doumaz
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, INGV, Rome, Italy (file size 213kB)

20th Century operation of the Tromsų Ionosonde

(Added 11 September 2004)
C. M. Hall and T. L. Hansen
Tromsų Geophysical Observatory, University of Tromsų, Norway
Reproduced from Advances in Polar Upper Atmosphere Research, No. 17(2003) p. 155-166

Variations of yearly mean values of effective heights for the ionospheric sporadic E-layer

(Added 18 October 2004)
V.F.Petrukhin, E.A.Ponomarev, V.D.Kokourov, and N.A.Sutyrin
Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS. 664033 Irkutsk-33, p/b 4026.
Tel. (3952)-51-16-06, fax (3952)-51-16-75 E-mail: brief address (file size 32 kB)

New Ionosonde Site On Line

(Added 17 December 2004)
Dale Sommerfeldt
Scientific Instrumentation Ltd, 2233 Hanselman Ave., Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, S7L6A7
(file size 9kB)


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