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Ionospheric Station Information

Bulletin No. 61**

June 1996


  1. A Remembrance Of Adolf Paul, 12 September 1995
  2. Comments From The Chair
  3. INAG Meeting: Boulder, Colorado 10 July 1995
  4. Dr. W R Piggott's 80th Birthday Celebration
  5. Australian Ionosonde Operators
  6. Sixty Years Of Slough Ionospheric Records
  7. Draft STP Ionospheric Working Group Report - 1996
  8. Serving Ionospheric Dynamics With The Halley Dynasonde
  9. Long Term Variations Of Sporadic E Layers Over Fortaleza, Brazil
  10. Frontier Topics In Ionospheric Science
  11. Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR) Announcement
  12. Geomagnetic And Ionospheric Storms Assessment And Forecasting - A Proposal
  13. URSI General Assembly Meeting - Lille 1996
  14. INAG Email Directory
  15. Computer Codes For Ionogram Parameters
  16. Questionnaire: Computer Codes For Ionogram Parameters
  17. 1996 INAG Membership Form

*Under the auspices of Commission G, Working Group G 1 of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI)

**Prepared by Phil Wilkinson, Chair INAG,
IPS Radio and Space Services,
P O Box 1386, Haymarket, NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA

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INAG Vice Chair, Ray Conkright,
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NOAA, Boulder, Colorado 80303, USA.

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