DIGION and GETION Software

By J. E. Titheridge

In the INAG Bulletin (Bulletin No. 60, September 1994) COMPUTER CONTROL OF AN IPS-42 IONOSONDE hardware and software for obtaining digital ionograms from an IPS-42 ionosonde is described. This software has for sometime been available from the IPS FTP region. However, for convenience, this software is now made available on the INAG Website as two zip files.

4B Hardware documentation

Documentation for the IPS-42 hardware is difficult to obtain. To help people with IPS-42 ionosondes the documentation for the IPS 4B ionosonde plus the 4B to 4D digion manual are included here.

Be warned, these files are for the 4B ionosonde. Although for most modules the circuits are identical, there are significant differences in the synthesiser and receiver. However, there could also be other unknown differences in other circuits - caveat emptor.

A complete 4B handbook - used when servicing the digion - 5.6M
This provides the conversion details for adding the digion - 0.5M
This covers the operating software and was only used by IT people - 6.2M
This is a full set of 4B circuit diagrams - 3.0M


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